Thursday, September 13, 2012

Authentique ThankFul paper collection meets Prima mix media!

Okay Guys I need to know, How many of you have ever seen or made a Thanksgiving mixed media art journal/mini album? My answer: NEVER until now!

I received my newest DT project and I was super excited because earlier in the day I caught a glimpse of some of the goodies and I was hoping that the new G45 Nutcracker paper line was mine to play with and naturally the wheels started turning as I began to envision what I was going to do with this new material. So the time came to take my box home and there was no G45 Nutcraker paper to be found instead I held in my hand the new Prima 6x6 mix media album and the newest Authentique Thanksgiving paper line. Now don't get me wrong I loved what I was given it just took me by surprise because I couldn't begin to imagine how I would combine them. As a matter of fact earlier that week I was on the Authentique website thinking to myself how fun it would be to play with that exact paper line and just last month I actually almost purchased the new Prima album so its very interesting how this all worked out.

I love details but sometimes I find that one of my biggest challenges is knowing when to "leave it alone and walk away!".  Working on this project allowed me to practice this concept and I was amazed by how fast and easy it was for me to create so many pages in so little time and be done with my project.  I am Thankful that these DT projects keep me on my toes creatively and before I go I want to challenge my readers to try this at home! Make something mix media/Thanksgiving and send me a link or post a photo of what you come up with because I would love to see it.  Here are a few of my favorite pages.

Authentique "Fresh" Vintage Beach Girl Mini Album with Shadow Box

Hey There!

As you can probably imagine I really love paper. One of my favorite paper lines is Authentique, every collection is vintage and fabulous! This summer when they came out with the "Fresh" collection I just had to have it. As I thought about all the things I could do with this paper line I decided I would make a mini album but I also wanted to do something different. I thought about the beach, the sun the water but mostly what summer means to me. Ultimately I was inspired by water and that was when I decided to use transparencies. Just like water the background would be clear and see through creating a "floating" effect once the photos were added. My thought process on this one was slightly out of the box but in the end it came together nicely. Originally this album was meant to become a class so I really tried to keep it simple (you have no idea how difficult that is for me...hahaha). Hope you like it.

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