Monday, March 14, 2011

A little Intro...

Hi Everyone! Starting up my first blog ever!!! Yippy! I had considered opening up a blog some time ago but I don't know exactly why I never went through with it? Oh well, I am doing it now and I suppose it would only be right to intro myself. Let's see?......Addicted to all things scrapbook/craft related,  I have a passion for home decor and a love for crafty DIY projects. I adore almost all things vintage. My idea of a perfect La-Dee-Da day consist of a visit to Anthropologie and all my favorite local craft stores (after I've had a great cup of coffee of course!) and stocking up on inspiration, glitter, ribbons, paper, ink and anything else that might catch my fancy. It's amazing how one artsy craft can lead you to another, but it's all so much fun that I can't help myself and so I keep playing and exploring because you never know what you might come up with next. A few years ago I decided to take the plunge into scrapbooking and I haven't looked back since! Yet I must confess that before pretty scrapbook paper made its way into my heart there was pretty fabric and beautiful paint and so Interior Design is my first love. Well enough about me but before I go let's just say that one day its all about paper and the next might be all about home decor, who knows? one thing is for certain, I hope to inspire and I hope to be inspired in the days to come so keep checking in to see what I post next! Bye!.

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